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Turkish Airlines inaugurates service to Basra and Naples

Turkish Airlines starts two new routes today, from its hub at Mustafa Kemal Atatürk International Airport (IATA: IST; ICAO: LTBA) in Istanbul.  The newest destinations in the Turkish national airline's network are the Iraqi city of Basra, and the Italian city of Naples.  The Istanbul-Basra route will operate through Basra International Airport (IATA: BSR; ICAO: ORMM) in southern Iraq.  The Istanbul-Naples route will operate through Ugo Niutta Airport (IATA: NAP; ICAO: LIRN) on the Gulf of Naples and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The Istanbul-Basra non-stop will operate in both directions three times a week, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  It is 3 hours 15 minutes long southeast-bound, and is 3 hours 25 minutes long northwest-bound.  It will be flown with the Boeing 737-800, according to search results returned by the airline ticket booking engine at www.kayak.com/flights.  The Istanbul-Naples non-stop will operate in both directions three times a week, on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.  It is 2 hours 25 minutes long westbound, and is 2 hours 15 minutes long eastbound.  It will be flown with the Airbus A319, according to www.kayak.com.

Georgian national airline Airzena Georgian Airways also started a new seasonal route.  The airline will fly non-stop between the Georgian town of Batumi (IATA: BUS; ICAO: UGSB) on the Black Sea, to Moscow, the Russian capital (IATA: DME; ICAO: UUDD).  According to Bloomberg, these will be "weekly charter flights," and will operate until October.

Two airlines based in Scandinavia also added new routes within the last day.  The largest airline based in the region, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), launched service between Oslo's Gardermoen Airport (IATA: OSL; ICAO: ENGM) and the Croatian seaside (Adriatic) town of Split (IATA: SPU; ICAO: LDSP).  This route will run three times a week, on Monday, Friday, and Saturday, according to Kayak.  Oslo, a city of 605,000 people, was found to be the world's most expensive city, by the Economist Intelligence Unit's Worldwide Cost of Living Survey.  Split, a city of 230,000 people, is the largest city in the Croatian region of Dalmatia, namesake of the Dalmatian canine breed.

Scandinavian Airlines also launched two services between Scandinavia and the Spanish capital city, Madrid.  One route will fly between Gardermoen Airport and Barajas Airport (IATA: MAD; ICAO: LEMD) in central Spain.  This route will operate two times a week, on Tuesday and Saturday, according to Kayak.  The other will fly between Arlanda Airport in Stockholm (IATA: ARN; ICAO: ESSA) and the Spanish capital twice weekly, on Monday and Friday.

Also, budget carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle has commenced non-stop service between Gardermoen Airport and two destinations in the Balkans.  Those are Sarajevo (IATA: SJJ; ICAO: LQSA) and Pristina (IATA: PRN; ICAO: BKPR).  According to search results from Norwegian Air Shuttle's website, the Oslo-Sarajevo route will be flown twice weekly, on Monday and Thursday in both directions.  According to the same source, the Oslo-Pristina route will be flown twice weekly, on Monday and Friday in both directions.

Like many low-fare carriers, Norwegian Air Shuttle operates only one model of aircraft.  The route will be flown with some variant of the Boeing 737, either the -300 or the -800.

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Norwegian starts seasonal route between Stockholm and Tel Aviv

Norwegian Air Shuttle commenced a seasonal service between Stockholm's Arlanda Airport (IATA: ARN; ICAO: ESSA), and David Ben-Gurion Airport (IATA: TLV; ICAO: LLBG) in Tel Aviv this morning.  The first Stockholm-Tel Aviv flight of the season for the carrier was scheduled to leave Stockholm's main international airport at 7:00 this morning local time, but was delayed 25 minutes according to Arlanda's website.  The route will operate weekly in both directions on Sunday, until Norwegian Air Shuttle decides to retire it for the season.  It will be flown with the Boeing 737-800.

The route is scheduled to depart Stockholm at 7:00 in the morning each Sunday, local time, and arrive in Tel Aviv 12:50 in the afternoon local time.  It is scheduled to depart Tel Aviv for the return trip at 1:50 in the afternoon local time, and arrive back in Stockholm at 5:40 in the afternoon local time.  The flight is listed at 4 hours 50 minutes long, in both directions, on Norwegian Air Shuttle's official website.  Stockholm and Tel Aviv both observe daylight saving time during the middle months of the year, and Tel Aviv generally operates one hour ahead of Stockholm.

Norwegian Air Shuttle was founded in 1993 and is now Scandinavia's second-largest airline behind Scandinavian Airlines (SAS).  It is based in the municipality of Bærum, a western suburb of Oslo.  In true Scandinavian tradition, it operates seven roughly equivalent hubs in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.

Meanwhile, the Moscow-based airline RusLine started a non-stop route from Moscow to the Lithuanian Baltic seaside town of Palanga today, according to the official website of the town's airport (IATA: PLQ; ICAO: EYPA).  The route is operated with a Bombardier CRJ200.  It too will operate once a week on Sunday, in both directions.  It is scheduled to depart Moscow's Domodedovo International Airport (IATA: DME; ICAO: UUDD) at 5:50 in the morning local time, and arrive in Lithuania at 6:40 in the morning local time.  It is scheduled to depart the town of Palanga at 8:10 in the morning local time, and arrive back in Moscow at 11:05 local time.  Flight time is just under two hours long, in both directions.  Moscow operates one hour ahead of Palanga.

Additional information about this route, including pricing information, can be found on the airline's website, though it is in Russian, and does not offer an English translation.

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Jet Airways now flies to Sri Lanka from two more Indian cities

Last Friday, India-based Jet Airways introduced daily flights between India's largest city Mumbai (formerly called Bombay) and the Sri Lankan capital Colombo.  On that date, it also introduced flights between the Indian capital New Delhi, and Colombo.  To fly these routes, the airline will utilize three airports where it already had a presence prior to the introduction of the routes.  These are Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (IATA: BOM; ICAO: VABB) north of central Mumbai, Indira Gandhi International Airport (IATA: DEL; ICAO: VIDP) north of Delhi, and Bandaranaike International Airport (IATA: CMB; ICAO: VCBI) north of Colombo.

The Mumbai-Colombo flight is scheduled to depart Shivaji International at 2:10 in the morning local time and arrive at Bandaranaike International at 4:45 in the morning local time.  The Colombo-Delhi flight is scheduled to depart at 7:50 in the morning local time, and arrive at 11:30 in the morning local time.  The Delhi-Colombo flight is scheduled to depart at 1:05 in the afternoon local time, and arrive at 4:40 in the afternoon local time.  The Colombo-Mumbai flight is scheduled to depart Bandaranaike International at 8:45 in the evening local time, and arrive at Shivaji International at 11:20 in the evening local time.

All of India and all of Sri Lanka adhere to the same time zone.  According to a statement about the new routes posted to Jet Airways' website, both halves of both round-trips will be flown with the Boeing 737-800.  So it appears each day, both halves of the route between Colombo and Delhi will be flown between the two halves of the route between Mumbai and Colombo.

Comments from the Chief Communications Officer of Jet Airways, Sudheer Raghavan, indicate that these two routes will be flown primarily with leisure travelers in mind.  The routes will be flown with the aforementioned Boeing a 170-seat configration, including both Premiere and economy class seats.

Check Jet Airways' official website for pricing information.

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Boeing 737 crashes on Colombian island; 126 survive, 1 dies

A Boeing 737-700 operated by Colombia-based AIRES as AIRES Flight 8250, split into three parts immediately after a crash near an airport on San Andres Island (IATA: ADZ; ICAO: SKSP) in Central America, off the east coast of Nicaragua earlier today.  According to the website Wikimedia Commons, the very airplane pictured to the right is the one that crashed.  This plane departed from 8300-foot high El Dorado International Airport (IATA: BOG; ICAO: SKBO) near the Colombian capital of Bogota.  Officials speculate that either lightning or a sudden downdraft may have caused the accident.

Doctors say the only death in connection with the crash, of a woman named Amar Fernandez, may have been due to a heart attack, rather than from a blunt force injury or explosion typically associated with aircraft crashes of this magnitude.  The skill and experience of the AIRES pilot was credited by investigators for the saving of so many lives on board.

AIRES was formed in 1981.  It adopted a low-cost business model in 2008.  It operates 24 aircraft to 31 destinations as of this post.  It became the first Colombian based carrier to fly non-stop to the United States when it added Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida (IATA: FLL; ICAO: KFLL), and Kennedy International Airport in New York (IATA: JFK; ICAO: KJFK) as destinations.  Its largest hub is El Dorado International in Bogota.  It is headquartered in Bogota.

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Air India gets a scare, four days after Mangalore crash

Last Wednesday, a Boeing 737-800 operated by Air India Express was jolted by a pocket of air, then plunged several thousand feet into the path of nearby cross traffic.  The pilots of Air India Express Flight 212 lost control of the plane over Muscat, the capital of Middle Eastern country of Oman.  No one was injured, although the pilots have been put on leave.  Just as with the crash of Flight 812, this flight departed Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates (IATA: DXB; ICAO: OMDB).  Flight 212 landed safely Wednesday at its intended destination, Pune International Airport (IATA: PNQ; ICAO: VAPO), an inland facility about 120 miles (200 kilometers) south of Mumbai.  Investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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