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British Airways will expand its immediate-term flight schedule

Today, British Airways announced that next week, it intends to fly a greater number of originally scheduled flights than what it later predicted it would fly in light of the second of three anticipated cabin crew strikes by Unite the Union.  This decision was made in part because this week, a greater number of British Airways’ cabin crew employees have shown up for work than what the airline anticipated.  The second strike is scheduled to run Monday through Friday of next week.  The airport chiefly affected by these decisions by British Airways is its main hub London Heathrow (IATA: LHR; ICAO: EGLL).  Heathrow is the U.K.’s busiest airport.

In light of the planned series of strikes, the airline had originally planned to fly sixty percent of its long-haul schedule.  But because of the higher than expected number of cabin crew employees that have shown up for work this week, that percentage has been increased to seventy for next week’s strike.  In light of the strikes, British Airways had originally planned to fly fifty percent of its short-haul schedule.  But that percentage has been increased to fifty-five percent for next week’s strike.

Today is the third day of Unite’s first of three planned strikes against the U.K.’s flag carrier.  However, British Airways has announced no plans via its website to increase passenger capacity for the remainder of this week.  According to its website, the airline does plan to fly all flights with other carriers that have a British Airways codeshare number.  Flights to and from London Gatwick (IATA; LGW; ICAO: EGKK) and London City (IATA: LCY; ICAO: EGLC) will not be affected next week.  British Airways hopes to be able to add to this schedule, presumably depending on the number of cabin crew employees that show up for work during the remaining scheduled strikes.

British Airways was founded in 1973, from the merger of the British Overseas Airways Corporation and British European Airlines.  It is headquartered in the borough of Hillingdon in London, near Heathrow.  Unite is a British and Irish trade union formed in 2007 with the merger of Amicus and the Transport and General Workers’ Union.

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