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EasyJet starts route between London-Gatwick and Catania on Sicily

Starting today, the United Kingdom's popular budget airline EasyJet will fly three times a week between London's Gatwick Airport (IATA: LGW; ICAO: EGKK) and Vincenzo Bellini Airport (IATA: CTA; ICAO: LICC) on the eastern coast of the Italian island of Sicily.  The flights will operate in each direction on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, according to the route's timetable, available on the airline's official website.  The route will be flown with the Airbus A319-100, according to results returned by the airline ticket booking engine at www.kayak.com/flights.

EasyJet is the most popular airline for leisure travel, based in the United Kingdom.  Its largest hub is Luton Airport (IATA: LTN; ICAO: EGGW), 35 miles (57 kilometers) north of London.  It was established in 1995, and based its business model on the one used by the American carrier, Southwest Airlines.  One aspect of the budget airline business model is exclusive use (or at least very heavy use) of a single aircraft model.  Southwest, for example, is by far the world's largest operator of the Boeing 737, flying more than 550 of them, and having 130 more on order as of this posting.  EasyJet is the world's largest operator of the Airbus A319.  As of this posting, EasyJet operates more than 150 of the A319, in a fleet of fewer than 200 planes.

[To the right is a photograph of the 100th Airbus A319 delivered to EasyJet, landing at Bristol Airport (IATA: BRS; ICAO: EGGD) in special livery, in September 2008.]

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Hellenic Imperial to start Gatwick, JFK today; Kuwait tomorrow

The Greek airline Hellenic Imperial Airways is flying four times a week between its hub at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (IATA: ATH; ICAO: LGAV) in Athens, and Kennedy International Airport in New York (IATA: JFK; ICAO: KJFK), starting today.  The route will be operated with the Airbus A340-300.  It is scheduled to depart from Athens at 5:30 in the afternoon local time, and arrive in New York at 9:30 in the evening, local time.  It is scheduled to depart New York at 11:30 in the evening local time, and arrive back in Athens at 5:00 in the afternoon the following day, local time.  The creation of this route makes Hellenic Imperial the only airline based in Greece to currently operate its own aircraft, non-stop, to the United States.

The airline will operate from Terminal 1 at Kennedy International.

Hellenic Imperial also announced that, starting today, it will fly thrice weekly between Athens and Gatwick Airport (IATA: LGW; ICAO: EGKK) south of London.  This route will be also operated with the Airbus A340-300.  Initially, the round-trip service will be operated three times a week, but this will be increased to six over the next few months, according to the U.K.-based Online Regional Travel Group.

Additionally, starting tomorrow, Hellenic Imperial will fly between Athens and Kuwait (IATA: KWI; ICAO: OKBK), the capital of the eponymous Middle Eastern nation.  According to www.flight965.com, this round-trip service will operate two times a week.  It did not give any further details.  When these routes were first announced, the Athens-London round trip was first scheduled to commence on July 1.  But the start date of this route was changed to June 24, to match the start date for Hellenic Imperial's Athens-New York route.

The Dutch airline Arkefly starts non-stop twice-weekly service between Schiphol Airport (IATA: AMS; ICAO: EHAM) in Amsterdam and Miami International Airport (IATA: MIA; ICAO: KMIA) in the American state of Florida today, according to a reader blog at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer website.  The route will be flown with the Boeing 767-300ER.

The British budget airline EasyJet also restarts a seasonal service today between mainland Spain and the Canary Islands.  It operates four times a week, on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, according to a timetable printed on EasyJet's website.  It operates between Barajas Airport (IATA: MAD; ICAO: LEMD) in Madrid, and Lanzarote, the furthest east of the Canary Islands (IATA: ACE; ICAO: GCRR).

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Air Berlin adds London Gatwick to its network

Earlier this month, the Germany-based airline Air Berlin made its first flights to Gatwick Airport (IATA: EGKK; ICAO: LGW), south of Central London.  Germany's second-largest airline now flies non-stop between Hannover-Langenhagen Airport (IATA: HAJ; ICAO: EDDV) and Gatwick, and also non-stop between Nuremberg Airport (IATA: NUE; ICAO: EDDN) and Gatwick.  From Hannover, the new non-stop round trip will operate twice daily through the week (Monday through Friday inclusive), and once on Saturday.  The round trip from Nuremberg will operate twice daily through the week, and once on Sunday.

This is a seasonal route which will be suspended indefinitely this coming October.

Air Berlin is located in the North Terminal at Gatwick.  Air Berlin now has a permanent presence at two London area airports, the other being Stansted (IATA: STN; ICAO: EGSS) northeast of the city, which connects travelers non-stop to three other German destinations.

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London Gatwick suspends flights due to heavy snow, others delayed

One of the larger snowfalls western Europe has seen in a long time forced Greater London's Gatwick Airport (IATA: LGW; ICAO: EGKK) to close its runway, suspending all flights in to or out of the facility indefinitely.  The airport's website currently notes that British Airways, which uses the facility as a hub, has cancelled all "domestic and European" Gatwick flights today (coming and going) between the hours of 10:00 in the morning and 5:00 in the afternoon, local time.

The airport's website asks passengers with plans to travel through Gatwick soon, to check with their operating airline for details on the delay or cancellation of their flight.  The BBC reported that "regulations require [Gatwick] to suspend flights if snow lies thicker than 3cm on the ground."  Up to 20 centimeters of snow (8 inches) is forecast for some places in and near London, according to the BBC.

Greater London's busiest airport, Heathrow (IATA: LHR; ICAO: EGLL), also expects that it might have to suspend flights because of the weather, according to Yahoo News.  In addition, other airports throughout northwestern Continental Europe are faced with cancellations and delays due to snow.

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British Airways resolves Iberia merger concern over deficit

Earlier today the largest airline based in Spain, Iberia Airlines, cleared another obstacle to its anticipated merger with British Airways (BA).  Iberia announced that it was happy with British Airways' plan for dealing with its 3.7 billion GBP pension deficit (4.36 billion EUR; 5.8 billion USD).  The United Kingdom's highest-profile airline showed Iberia how it plans to put 330 million GBP (388.55 million EUR; 517.67 million USD) annually into pension funds for the next sixteen years.

The anticipated merger would unite the two airlines under the same holding company, called International Airlines Group.  However, each of the two airlines would retain its long-established logos and branding schemes.  British Airways CEO Willie Walsh would become CEO of International Airlines Group, while Iberia CEO Antonio Vasquez Romero would become Chairman of the Board.  The holding company's operational headquarters would be in London, and its corporate headquarters would be in Madrid.  Iberia claims the merger will allow visitors from Europe to obtain inexpensive airfare to Central America.  The website www.beatthebrochure.com reports that the merger will make available "a vast array of services offering cheap flights" between destinations all over the globe.

British Airways was formed in 1974 with the merger of the British Overseas Airways Corporation and British European Airways.  It is the United Kingdom’s highest-profile airline, and is headquartered very near its main hub Heathrow Airport (IATA: LHR; ICAO: EGLL) in the London borough of Hillingdon.  British Airways flies a fleet of 237 aircraft to destinations on all six permanently inhabited continents, and also maintains a hub at Gatwick Airport (IATA: LGW; ICAO: EGKK) southeast of London.

Iberia Airlines is the Spanish flag carrier, and was founded in 1927.  It is based in the national capital of Madrid.  Iberia maintains its largest hub at Barajas Airport in Madrid (IATA: MAD; ICAO: LEMD).  Spain's second-largest city Barcelona is a focus city for the airline.  Iberia flies 116 aircraft to 120 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and South America.

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