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Jet Airways now flies to Sri Lanka from two more Indian cities

Last Friday, India-based Jet Airways introduced daily flights between India's largest city Mumbai (formerly called Bombay) and the Sri Lankan capital Colombo.  On that date, it also introduced flights between the Indian capital New Delhi, and Colombo.  To fly these routes, the airline will utilize three airports where it already had a presence prior to the introduction of the routes.  These are Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (IATA: BOM; ICAO: VABB) north of central Mumbai, Indira Gandhi International Airport (IATA: DEL; ICAO: VIDP) north of Delhi, and Bandaranaike International Airport (IATA: CMB; ICAO: VCBI) north of Colombo.

The Mumbai-Colombo flight is scheduled to depart Shivaji International at 2:10 in the morning local time and arrive at Bandaranaike International at 4:45 in the morning local time.  The Colombo-Delhi flight is scheduled to depart at 7:50 in the morning local time, and arrive at 11:30 in the morning local time.  The Delhi-Colombo flight is scheduled to depart at 1:05 in the afternoon local time, and arrive at 4:40 in the afternoon local time.  The Colombo-Mumbai flight is scheduled to depart Bandaranaike International at 8:45 in the evening local time, and arrive at Shivaji International at 11:20 in the evening local time.

All of India and all of Sri Lanka adhere to the same time zone.  According to a statement about the new routes posted to Jet Airways' website, both halves of both round-trips will be flown with the Boeing 737-800.  So it appears each day, both halves of the route between Colombo and Delhi will be flown between the two halves of the route between Mumbai and Colombo.

Comments from the Chief Communications Officer of Jet Airways, Sudheer Raghavan, indicate that these two routes will be flown primarily with leisure travelers in mind.  The routes will be flown with the aforementioned Boeing a 170-seat configration, including both Premiere and economy class seats.

Check Jet Airways' official website for pricing information.

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Tokyo's Haneda Airport resumes regular international service

Today, for the first time in 32 years, regularly scheduled international air traffic operated through Tokyo, Japan's Haneda Airport (IATA: HND; ICAO: RJTT), the busiest airport in the country, and the second busiest in all Asia.  Between the two large airports serving the Tokyo metropolitan area, Haneda is the one located closer to the city center, and is therefore the one preferred by business travelers.  The international terminal at Haneda in fact opened on October 21, though no traffic traversed the terminal on that date.

The second-largest airline based in Japan, All Nippon Airways (ANA), commenced five new international routes through Haneda today.  As part of the airport's reactivated international program, All Nippon will operate the Boeing 767-300ER in a 214-seat configuration between Haneda and the American city of Honolulu, the Thai capital Bangkok, the largest Taiwanese city Taipei, and Singapore.  It will also operate the Boeing 777-200ER in a 223-seat configuration between Haneda and the American city of Los Angeles.

In addition, Thai Airways International commenced a Bangkok-Tokyo route today, through Haneda, and its hub at Suvarnabhumi Airport (IATA: BKK; ICAO: VTBS) in the Thai capital.

A number of other airlines will begin flying international routes to and from Haneda within months.  Air Canada plans to commence a non-stop route to and from Vancouver International (IATA: YVR; ICAO: CYVR) next January.  American Airlines plans to begin flying non-stop between Kennedy International in New York (IATA: JFK; ICAO: KJFK) and Haneda next January as well.  British Airways plans to add to its international programme a non-stop route between its hub at Heathrow Airport (IATA: LHR; ICAO: EGLL) and Haneda next February.  Also next February, United States-based Delta Air Lines plans to begin non-stop flights between Haneda and Los Angeles International (IATA: LAX; ICAO: KLAX), and between Haneda and Detroit Metropolitan (IATA: DTW; ICAO: KDTW).  This past July, Hawaiian Airlines received approval for a non-stop route between Honolulu International (IATA: HNL; ICAO: PHNL) and Haneda, originally scheduled to commence today, but which has been pushed back to a start date later this month.

Haneda Airport opened in 1931, and has been under continuous control of the Japanese government since 1958.  It is operated by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.  When suburban Narita International Airport (IATA: NRT; ICAO: RJAA) to the east of the city, opened in 1978, all international air traffic was routed through that facility.  With the opening of the international terminal, there are now three terminals at Haneda Airport.  The others are terminals 1 and 2.  Terminal 1 at Haneda is known as Big Bird, or just "the bird," because of its apparent shape from an aerial perspective.

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France-based airline flies non-stop to Baghdad

The Paris, France-based airline Aigle Azur made one of the first non-stop civilian passenger flights from western Europe to Baghad, Iraq since the Persian Gulf War yesterday.  This introductory flight was operated with a 148-passenger Airbus A319.  Earlier today, the United Kingdom-based Daily Telegraph reminded its readers how adamantly France opposed the 2003 United States-led invasion of Iraq.  In its next paragraph it quoted French Minister of Finance Anne-Marie Idrac, who called it "unthinkable" for businesses headquartered in her country not to participate in the rebuilding of Iraq.  The Finance Minister was aboard the flight, along with around 40 French business leaders.

It will be "another two to three months," before the route begins to run on a regular schedule, according to an Associated Press article printed in the Charlotte (North Carolina, United States) Observer yesterday.  The route will fly between Charles de Gaulle Airport northeast of Paris (IATA: CDG; ICAO: LFPG), and Baghdad International Airport ten miles west of the center of the Iraqi capital (IATA: BGW; ICAO: ORBI).  The route was introduced by Aigle Azur with the expectation that users of the twice-weekly service will be predominantly business travelers.  It is expected that the economy class tickets will start out selling for around 1500 EUR (1305 GBP, 2079 USD), and that business class tickets will start out selling for around 2500 EUR (2176 GBP, 3464 USD).

Toward the beginning of this year, the largest German airline Lufthansa announced plans to introduce a four times weekly non-stop route between Munich and Baghdad, which would have commenced at the end of last month.  But the route was cancelled due to disappointing ticket sales, and general lack of interest.

Aigle Azur was founded in Paris in 1946, and now operates out of the Paris commune nearest Charles de Gaulle Airport, Tremblay-en-France.  Since the 1950s, Aigle Azur has maintained a focus on southern Europe, northern Africa, and Asia.  The French phrase aigle azur means "azure eagle."  Nevertheless, the airline does not market particularly to English speakers, does not have an English translation of its official website, and has no official English translation of its name.  Aigle Azur operates an all-Airbus fleet of 12 aircraft to 26 destinations in the European countries of France, Portugal, and Spain; the African countries of Algeria, Mali, Morocco, and Tunisia; and the Middle Eastern country of Iraq.

Its largest hub is Orly Airport (IATA: ORY; ICAO: LFPO), the second-largest airport serving the Paris metropolitan area.  It also operates a hub in Algiers, the capital of Algeria.  In addition, Aigle Azur has identified four focus airports, two of which are in Algeria, another of which serves the Côte d’Azur resort city of Marseille, and another of which serves the Rhone River city of Lyon.  This latter airport (IATA: LYS; ICAO: LFLL) was renamed in 2000, for the French (and Lyonnais) writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

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Juergen Lehle (albspotter.eu) is the source of the photo used in this article.



Hawaiian Airlines starts non-stop Maui-Las Vegas route

This past Sunday, Hawaiian Airlines introduced twice-weekly service between the Hawaiian island of Maui and the American mainland city of Las Vegas.  The route will be flown with a Boeing 767-300 in a 264-seat configuration.

On Sundays and Wednesdays, the Boeing 767-300 is scheduled to leave from Kahului Airport (IATA: OGG; ICAO: PHOG) on the island of Maui at 8:00 in the morning local time, and is scheduled to arrive at McCarran International Airport (IATA: LAS; ICAO: KLAS) in Las Vegas at 4:35 in the afternon during Pacific Daylight Time, and 3:35 in the afternoon during Pacific Standard Time.  The return flights to Maui will take place those same days of the week.  They are scheduled to depart from Las Vegas at 6:25 in the afternoon PDT (5:25 PST), and arrive in Maui at 9:25 in the evening, Hawaiian time.

Hawaiian Airlines was founded in 1929 as Inter-island Airways.  The airline changed its name to Hawaiian Airlines in 1941.  It operates 34 aircraft to 21 destinations, five within Hawaii, ten on the American mainland, three in Asia, two in the South Pacific, and one in Australia.  Hawaiian Airlines has been the recipient of a number of awards over the past few years, including awards for punctuality, baggage handling, and fewest oversales.  Its main offices are in Honolulu, the Hawaiian state capital.  Its largest hub is at Honolulu International Airport (IATA: HNL; ICAO: PHNL).

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